Thursday, September 6, 2012

Steve Cafe & Cuisine

Location, location, location.
If charm, character, and warmth could be packaged and sold, the owners of Steve Cafe & Cuisine (SCC) would be billionaires.

Raw power -  prawns and red hot dipping sauce.
Besides stunning river views, SCC offers a 'dining with the family' vibe that's unmatched (only my opinion) and pretty special.

The restaurant is an old riverside family home that has  been renovated to accommodate around 40-50 dining guests. Besides a sheltered open-air front deck, there are small side dining rooms and a large'ish lobby.

On arrival (after a short walk from the National Library car park), guests are invited to take off their shoes before being welcomed by the SCC staff. The servers range in age from 8-40+ and everyone is friendly, affable and helpful - the "Tao of Steve" is a serene, and peaceful one.

Onto the food, the menu is crammed with Thai home-cooked favourites.

We tucked into raw river prawns - served with spicy dressing, Yam Som O, a refreshing pomelo salad, and wafer thin sliced deep fried chicken with lemon sauce (a very creative and delicious take on lemon chicken). In need of some carbs we also enjoyed thin pasta with bacon, preserved egg, bacon bits, onion complemented with deep fried onion and fish - another creative dish that proved yet again, everything tastes better with bacon and eggs.

Don't tell the Colonel - this lemon chicken dish is sensational.
Like the ambience, the food was spot-on and according to my mum-in-law, was prepared and flavoured with Thai people in mind.

Yam Som O - delicious and refreshing pomelo salad
Oh, and their coffee is excellent. All up, a great afternoon out and SSC is a super relaxing wining and dining spot by the river - we think we're going to be long-term friends with Steve.

Pasta Thai? Pasta with a Thai twist or three.
More information:
The Steve Cafe & Cuisine web site

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